Fishing at Bywondah

Six fishing dams. Thriving fish. Beautiful scenery.

Enjoy great fishing at Bywondah

The property offers six fishing dams. The main large fishing dam is forty feet deep and thrives with large Murray Cod and Yellow Belly. The dams lie within the picturesque scenery of Bywondah hills and provide complete relaxation away from the pressures of city living. The dam is also great for kayaking.

Most people who have been out fishing on the dam have reaped a large bounty.

One dam surrounding an island with an arch bridge for access provides a cool and restful environment especially in summer. This dam has offered a wonderful venue and backdrop for weddings.

Fishing at Bywondah

Videos by Tim Blakely

Fishing Day Permit

$30 per person (children under 12 free).
Cabin and camping packages include fishing permits.
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fishing rod and reel with line on natural background for frame print design
30 Murray Cod in one session, unbelievable but true at Bywondah.
Tim B.Avid outdoorsman
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